A Little story continues...

Decades ago, at a little theatre created by Keith Johnstone,
Patti Stiles, Shawn Kinley and Steve Jarand performed and played
and improvised together.

Then, they went off to explore the world of improvisation in more than 60 countries.

What comes next is...

an exciting, adventurous exploration as these three unite for the first time to create a unique improvisation workshop experience!

March 21 - 31, 2025





REACT IMPRO WORKSHOP is a 10-day impro learning experience centred in spontaneity, creativity, story and theatre creation. It is presented by 3 internationally respected professional improvisers who are possibly the world’s most traveled improvisers.

The react workshop will offer a broad spectrum of improvisation wisdom with emphasis on story, physical presence, mask work, relationship, awareness, risk-taking while focusing on student’s individual needs.

Sessions will primarily be in English but participants will be encouraged to work in their own language for some exercises and performance. (And Steve has a working knowledge of Spanish, French, German and English). Students will have opportunities to work with all 3 teachers with some sessions be held in shared teaching environments (2 or 3 teachers during one session).

The process will involve some performance opportunity for those interested as well as extra community performance collaborations. Expect some inspiring work in narrative, play, relationship, mask, character and REACTION!


(near Stuttgart)

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Malersbuckel 8
71263 Weil der Stadt

Indulge in a captivating experience nestled in a picturesque setting, where creativity thrives and connections flourish. Join us for an unforgettable retreat designed for improvisers from across the globe.

Immerse yourself in impro exploration within our three distinct workshop spaces. Engage in dynamic classes tailored to enhance your improvisation skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts.

Enjoy warm meals in an inviting atmosphere, where lively conversations mix with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the zest of refreshing juices. Whether you mingle with fellow participants or unwind in solitude, every moment promises a memorable experience.

Revel in the tranquillity of our surroundings or retreat to the comfort of your sleeping room, where relaxation meets rejuvenation. Step outside to bask in the serene ambiance, engaging in friendly banter or a thrilling foosball match with newfound friends.

As the day draws to a close, come together for a communal improvisation jam, exchanging ideas and insights from diverse improvisation cultures. Whether you choose to extend the evening’s festivities or retire early in anticipation of another enriching day, every option awaits your preference.

Venture into the vibrant city of Stuttgart, just a short train ride away, to further enrich your experience. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with international participants of REACT, expanding your horizons in the realm of improvisation.



MARCH 21 – 31, 2025   — (Registration opens March 31 2024)

(March’s arrival brings the area a warm 9.3°C (48.7°F) and up to 16°C (60.8°F) degrees on those lovely sunny days with springtime flowers blooming as you take your morning walk after breakfast before your first class of the day.)



Patti Stiles, Steve Jarand, and Shawn Kinley will offer this 10 day session to a limited number of international improvisers.

Shawn, Patti and Steve developed their core improvisation ideas at Keith Johnstone’s Loose Moose theatre, working directly with him for over 40 years. They’ve refined and furthered their theories through countless workshops with improvisers from all over the world.

REACT 2025 marks the first time these three will teach together in the same location.

Read more about them in the teachers section below.




The total cost for ten days:
1495 €
*If you would prefer a single room, there are a limited number available for an added 130 euros for a total of 1620€

To help create equitable access for our international impro community, we are offering a limited number of subsidies




Masks and More


Actors Inspired


Controlled Chaos & Misbehaviour

An old improviser. A new father.

A nature lover. A gun hater.

A democracy advocate.

A rationalist.

A meditator.

  • Consistently loving and supportive parents.

  • Good teachers:

  • In Junior High School Linda Lytle taught honestly what she thought was actually useful and important in life. I remember once she confessed she hadn’t corrected our homework because a friend needed her the night before.

  • In High School Jim Whitehead built a theatre community where we could work and play and do most things by ourselves.

  • In University (and beyond) Keith Johnstone showered us with insights, taught backwards thinking, opened up our subconscious, shared life hacks, and developed our ability to tell good stories.
  • Anytime I can improvise as a teacher and adapt on the fly, I grow as a teacher.

  • Three players were competing to see who could guess the leader of a movement exercise. One guessed correctly but we hand no second leader ready for the next round. I lied that we did, and the group moved together until we had frustrated the last two competitors with their incorrect guesses. They laughed when they heard there had been no one guiding the others.

  • I played the counting-to-ten game with bored teenagers. (The game when if two say a number at the same time, the count starts back at the beginning.) To my great surprise they were amazing at it because they didn’t give a shit and didn’t step on each other’s toes. I didn’t do anything, but really felt like a good teacher.

  • Anytime I can fail for real in front of students some part of me is happy. And I do get eliminated early in games I have played many times or even invented.
  • ‘My particular experience playing a scene in full mask with you directing was impressive to me, because of the calmness I felt.’

  • ‘Putting your masks on let me take mine off.’

  • ‘It’s weird, but in a good way.’
  • Travel, culture and languages.
  • Nature and science theatre.
  • The combination between meditation and creativity.

I believe you don’t need to know how to do stuff, you just need to enjoy figuring it out.

I pay no attention to dreams.

I used to make my own tempeh but now I buy it at the store.

A proud Newfoundlander / Canadian living in Australia. An animal lover, Star Trek fan and seeker.

I am an actor, director, teacher, playwright, and author working with improvisational theatre for over 40 years.

I’ve been blessed with a life full of people who encourage and challenge me.

Keith Johnstone and the Loose Moose Theatre were pivotal in my work as an improvisor.

Anytime I see someone make a discovery or take a leap. When I see them get it, or do it, or try it, or discover it. When they learn, evolve, risk, let go, be. To be a witness to that moment, however that moment arrives or presents for the individual, is a privilege.

But a story…ok.

I was teaching in Italy with Teatro a Molla. I was talking about how ego interrupts our works as improvisors. Everyone in the room nodded in agreement except for one player, who looked confused. Later in the class an example of ego came into a scene, and I mentioned it again, everyone saw it, but the same one person looked confused. They leaned over to someone and whispered in Italian. There was a burst of laughter from the two of them. What he heard was ‘Remove the eagle.’ Not ‘Remove the ego.’ No wonder he was confused. There is a poster in Teatro A Molla’s office of an eagle and a quote “Remove the eagle.” – Patti Stiles

This story to me has so much about what improvisation is. Offers, acceptance, people being altered, good naturedness, surprise, mistakes, and discovery, all in a nice story.

  • “Your creativity, spontaneity, and wisely rebellious teaching style was refreshing and inspiring.”

  • “She makes improv clear, less complex, and a creative experience free from judgement.”

  • “Impro with You is inspiring, exiting, a must-have for everyone who wants to improvise”

  • “Patti has a lifetime of experience, a very different and much more useful viewpoint on improv from what is being taught in most parts of the world and is able to communicate these concepts clearly and effectively.”
  • “The approach that you used during the workshop was an interesting revelation for me as actress and as improviser: I always knew that improvisation should be lived in this way and I have always seen this possibilities but yours was the first workshop where I have lived it.”

I am interested in the spontaneous moment, meeting fearless play, supported by strong narrative technique, in the hands of improvisors who are interested in creating dynamic theatre and an unforgettable experience for the audience.

I wrote a book called ‘Improvise Freely” and I have improvised for 53 hours straight with no sleep, more than once.

Canadian, Curious, New Dad, Explorer.

I’ve been teaching and performing for the past 40 years in 56 countries. 

Students young and old (mostly young)

The curious and creative natures of:

  • Richard Feynman
  • Robin Williams
  • Jim Henson
  • Red Skelton
  • Shields and Yarnell
  • Mummenchanz
  • Keith


Philosophies – Taoism, Buddhism

Many… and most from kids.

  • An autistic kid who was disregarded by the other kids and minimized by some teachers excelled at an exercise that I taught. The other kids couldn’t do the exercise. The other looked up to the one with autism.
  • A boy named “Truth”, with alcohol fetal syndrome wrote me a note after the class saying, “I wish you were my father.” He said he felt respected.
  • A cat who always turned his back on me when I faced away from him. Others said that he was angry. He wasn’t. He was displaying that he felt safe with me by displaying his unprotected back while facing outward.  He protected me by looking in the direction I couldn’t see. We had each other’s back.
  • A “misbehaving” child placed away from other kids by a classroom teacher:
    In an exercise, he bent my rules and showed me (and the other kids) a better way to do it.

So many more…

  • “…for the first time when I failed, it was easier to try again and again and again, I felt better every time. I could risk more and it felt good.”

  • “You said that, “improvisation could improve the illusion of telepathy.” In class, it was proved over and over.”

  • “I’m so excited about teaching again and I would like to thank you for that.”

  • “…thank you for the workshop, for giving me words for things I feel but am not very able to name them, for making me feel less alone with ideas or views I have and for being an inspiration.”

  • “You do the most varied impro work I know!”

  • “… many things changed with me as an actor and filmmaker, and even my personality in the way of thinking and creating a safe and healthy dialogue with people.”

  • “I wish we could have gone longer.”
  • I made games up a lot as a kid (saved my mother so much money) and I didn’t lose that quality of play and creation. Reinforced by watching Keith’s behaviour, I love creating exercises with students that might never be played again but are perfect for the moment.
  • A physical specialty doesn’t come from any particular training but from curiosity and fascination of how we physically express ourselves and how animals move.
  • Non-verbal communication has always been a passion and easily practiced by spending more time in non-english speaking countries than my home in Canada. 
  • The Taoist belief that “all that can be told about a thing is not the TRUE thing that you are talking about,” inspires my passion that all that is defined about improvisation isn’t the true improvisation.


…but, I’ve already said too much.

REACT is a joint effort with our valued partner


And a thanks to the people working behind the scenes to make this happen:

Tina, Kerstin and Kati


We are looking forward to having you join this unique gathering of improvisers and improvisation training. You've decided to come and play - so WHAT COMES NEXT?


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Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s anything else you need to know, check the frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find help here, drop us a note and we’ll  help. ALSO, if there are useful bits of information that you think would help others, let us know and we will add them to the list.

My English is not very strong. Will this be a problem?

While the course will primarily be given in English, emotional and body expression will be given a great deal of the focus.

Partner work and some group work will be conducted in your own language as well.

Teaching style can accommodate much of language concerns. Some translation support is likely available from fellow participants in several languages. In addition, Steve, speaks reasonable versions of French, Spanish and German.

This being said, a minimum understanding of English is needed. Please contact us directly before registering if you have more questions concerning language.

Will there be time for social/leisure activities during the course?


There will be downtime each day and possibly a half day off with an organized trip or event, or a walk in the countryside.

The facility has a gathering and games room as well as an outdoor fire-pit.

We encourage all participants to monitor their energy levels and work and rest at a comfortable pace.

Can I come late or leave early to the workshops?

We highly discourage this but are open to considering individual circumstances.

Can I stay extra days at the facilities?
How should I dress?

What to Bring

The Stuttgart area is generally mild in March but warm and waterproof clothing options are recommended should there be rain. Bring comfortable shoes if you would like to enjoy a hike or more physical experience.

Comfortable rehearsal clothes of course will make your in-class experience much nicer.

With performance opportunities, bring clothes that you are comfortable wearing on stage.

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